CA Keen Eddie 

2008 Sorrel Gelding

Keen Shine x Dame Edna Marie

Owned by Shannon J., MN


Congratulations to Shannon J and CA Keen Eddie!!

Open Reserve Champion

Northern Lights Versatility Ranch Horse Association

North Branch, MN, September 2017!


                                                 CA Blue Bayou, CA Duchess, CA Indigo

I think what makes your horses stand out is that they have the athletic ability to do almost anything, good looking enough to get you noticed but gentle enough to be trusted. It’s hard to get those three at the same time. Kirk and I were talking last night about how impressive your program is that we were able to build a breeding program with almost all your horses. Shared by Mike and Kirk C., ID 2016/2017



CA Smokin Joe

2009 Sorrel Gelding

Smokes Lassy Lady x LJSR Sterling Roan

Third high selling horse (of 86) in the Diamond-McNabb Ranch Horse Sale in June 2016. Sold for $23,000 and found a new home in New York. 


CA Roan Rooster

2010 Bay Roan Gelding

LJSR Scoria Butte x Rooster Jr

Owned by Heather B, WI

Congratulations to Heather and Roanie!!

July 9, 2016 Open Ranch Riding in Black River Falls AQHA Special Event, out of 30 horses, Roanie was 1st under both judges. He added 12 pts to his resume, an Open Performance ROM and 2016 World Show Qualification!!

He is the cowyiest horse I have ever ridden. He is like a ballerina on his feet and definitely needs to have a thinking job! He never stops moving and his work ethic always amazes me!



CA Roan Talon

2007 Bay Roan Gelding

Kings Miss Sunny X LJSR Poco Hook

Owned by Kevin & Audrey R., SD

Congratulations, Kevin & Cactus!!

Artistic photo is of Cactus winning the World Series of Team Roping in Loveland, CO and qualifying for the Finals held in conjunction with the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in Dec. 2016.

Cactus has LTE of over $11,000 with limited hauling. He’s the horse anybody can ride and he takes care of everyone. From rodeoing to helping start colts, to you name it on the ranch, he’s our number one guy.


CA Keen Javiar 

2007 Sorrel Gelding

Dame Edna Marie x Keen Shine

Owned by Rachel B, WA

“I have come to own CA Keen Javiar (aka Bradie) for over three years now. He is the perfect all around horse I could have ever hoped for. He can go from the hunter under saddle ring winning all blues to now starting his second career in barrels. He exceeds every expectation I have of him and will do anything I ask for. He is not only sweet to be around, but quirky and silly. He adores our family and will follow us around anywhere. My favorite thing he does is whenever he is frustrated or bored, even at times when I can tell he is nervous, he will wiggle his pink nose as fast as he can. I can’t say enough good things about him and his one other previous owner will tell you the same. Carter Acres made an incredible horse and I would be lucky one day to own another from them!


Frostee Tootsie Roll (aka Dixie)

2013 Grey Filly

Frost Bee Leo x Tootsie Roll Chex

Owned by Danielle H, MN

Occasionally we pick up a filly that we feel is a good deal and will nicely fit our breeding program. Dixie was one of those. Danielle really liked her so we decided we’d part with her. 

“She sure is a thinker! As soon as I start doing something with her, she starts chewing and keeps chewing almost the entire time. Constantly analyzing everything and has picked up on things quick; so far I love her personality.”


CA Chula Blue 

2014 Blue Roan Gelding

Lit Misty Roan X Tuff Time Chula

Owned by Peggy L, WI

Being trained and Shown by Katya K, and Aimee P, WI

“We placed 1st in Inhand Trail and 2nd in Halter Class. This year we are going to do trail class, pleasure, halter, reining, and a little bit of gaming. We may try some roping off of him too. He’s really smart”

CA Regal Canyon 

2007 Red Roan Gelding

Kings Roan Queen x LJSR Poco Hook

2nd High Selling Horse in the SW Select Horse Sale held in Bowman, ND in May 2015. Sold for $9750.



CA Blue Minx

2011 Blue Roan Filly

LJSR Shamrock x Fancy Cut Diamonds

Owned by Jamie S, ND

“Her trainer’s favorite! One trainer wanted to turn her into a Reiner, the other wanted to cut on her.”


CA Butter Brickle

2014 Palomino Filly

Kings Roan Queen x Fancy Cut Diamonds

Owned by Naomi S, MN

“Breckin is doin great. I just love her. She knows she’s my little love and always comes to me for scratches and kisses. She does very well with the boys running around and running up to her. They were trying to feed her rhubarb last weekend. 🙂 She is turning into such a beauty now that she’s lost most of her white winter fuzz. We’ve trailererd her a couple times already and she’s gettin great at that too.” 


CA Sterlings Rusty

2012 Red Roan Gelding

LJSR Dusty Shine x LJSR Sterling Roan

Owned by Kent G, MN

Out in the Black Hills and he’s doing great! His trainer said he was the easiest horse he’s ever had. I could have sold him many times; people love him….but he’s not for sale!


                                                                         CA Red Rejas (aka Spur)

Red Roan Stallion

Diamon Buela x LJSR Poco Hook

Owned by Kirk C., Idaho

By the way, Spur hadn’t been rode in a year, and this is after the breeding season. No hump or non-sense, just like we left off