Here’s what a few customers have to say about our program! 

Melissa A, Colorado

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CA Chief and CA Blue Suede (barn names, Woodrow and Gus)

2017 Sorrel Colt, 2017 Black Colt

CA Vixie x RC Calcetas; CA Diamonds Sapphire X RC Calcetas

Owned by Melissa A, Colorado

“They’re just great! I’ve not raised siblings before so it’s really been fun comparing the similarities and differences. I love them both but Gus (Suede) has really become my little buddy. He can’t head out to pasture without spending a good 5-10 minutes with me at the gate nuzzling at my cheek and hair and sometimes licking my hands while he gets his scratching. He’s such a sweetie! They are both SUPER curious, which I love! You guys sure produce some awesome babies!