Lazy JS Ranch – Our Heritage

You might ask what the Lazy JS Ranch has to do with Carter Acres. Well, Russ Silha, was my (Nada Carter’s) dad. He’s where I inherited my love of horses and of training. My first pony was a Shetland that my dad trained. We got Rojo as a two-year old when I was four. Once aboard that little horse… fate was sealed! I fell in love with all things “horses.” I remember being ponied on Rojo behind my dad’s big horse when I was too young to guide her myself. It didn’t take long though; I was determined. One of my favorite memories was gathering cattle with my brother and his college friend. They didn’t want to take me along because I would “slow them down.” Rojo and I beat them home!

My dad built the horse program at the Lazy JS Ranch from scratch. His first registered mare was a gift from my mom, Fran. I’m not sure she had ANY idea what she was inviting! We’ve now gone through 55 years of production sales; our 56th will be held in August 2015. We’ve sold foals from coast to coast and internationally. They’ve competed in rodeo, snaffle bit futurities, 4-H, English, reining (and probably many more that we don’t know about) and have been used extensively on ranches throughout the Midwest. We pride ourselves on structural correctness, conformation, disposition and athleticism. I believe a testament to our breeding program is all the repeat buyers we have that have become like family to us! Our annual sale brings together our family for a week of fellowship and good old fashioned hard work, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Dad had some pretty hard and fast rules about the horses. First we used each of the broodmares on the ranch before they ever produced a foal. Dad felt like you “knew what you were getting” then. Solid minds or they didn’t stick around! We gathered cattle and horses, sorted cattle, roped cattle, doctored cattle, moved cattle, checked fence, water and more cattle…..all horseback. The horses saw lots of miles and became dependable mounts. (Another favorite memory is all the team roping we did in the summertime. It was a great way to help our young horses learn how to track and give them a reason to learn to use their body properly. They learn much more quickly when they have a purpose!) 

Another rule was “keep the best and buy the best!” He also knew that sometimes you had to “give one away” in order to create a client for life! 

Dad has been gone since 1997 but he lives on in the legacy he created. We strive to follow his example of honesty and integrity. They’re big shoes to follow….so big that he was inducted into the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2010. He would have been so humbled. 

 As we strive to fill those big shoes, we invite you to get to know us and our horses. We hope you’ll like what you see and I promise we’ll treat you well. The coffee pot is always on if you want to drop by….we’d love to have you!