Exciting News!! We have the opportunity to lease Chex Peppy Doc. This gorgeous stallion has a superb disposition (the main mount of 7-year old, Sophie!) and has his ROM in Heeling. We will be exposing some of our best broodmares to him in 2016 for foals in 2017. Stay tuned!! 
Our stallions have been selected for their pedigrees, both foundation and performance so that we can keep the traditional style mare with her reproductive prowess and add the performance from some more popular bloodlines to obtain an ideal cross that will perform well in any venue and reproduce the same. Roan Bar, Tom Baker and Poco Bueno as well as Leo Hancock Hayes are legends in the foundation world and Shining Spark blood is legendary in the performance world. We feel we’ve melded the two nicely. We also emphasize correct conformation and a disposition that is easy to get along with. We feel we’re on the right track. Take a look and see if you agree.

Chex Peppy Doc

1998 BayStallion


RC Calcetas

2007 Black Stallion

LJSR Sterling Roan

2005 Red Roan Stallion



CA Skye Blue

2014 Blue Roan Stallion

Marquee Diamond x LJSR Sterling Roan



Fancy Cut Diamonds 

Reference Sire Only

2003 Buckskin Stallion