Young Stock

As a breeder, it is imperative to continue to improve. We strive to do this in a couple of different ways. My wise father once said, “keep the best ones and when you go to a sale, buy the best ones!” As a rule, we usually keep one or two of our very best fillies to put back in our broodmare band. When we go to sales, we don’t purchase unless we can buy from the top end. I think you’ll see from the photos that our future is bright!

     We are also working on our training techniques and will be periodically having some geldings for sale. I learned much growing up from my dad about training, but then got rather rusty when I went away to college and got married. However, since then we’ve been privileged to work with an amazing trainer in central North Dakota on a one on one basis that has been invaluable. He combines the best of all the natural horsemanship trainers and does more in two weeks with a horse than most people do in two months. I decided the first time I watched him that I would either have to learn to do what he did or take all my horses to him (which was cost prohibitive with so many!!) Thank you, Jason Anderson for your patience and tutelage! In May of 2014 we attended a Clinton Anderson Walk-About Tour in St. Paul, MN. We came out of the two days inspired beyond measure and through membership in his club have taken our training to a whole new level. The results we’ve been able to achieve using his structured method are amazing! We’re excited about the opportunity this is opening up for us. Call us if you’re interested in a young gelding prospect; we have several to choose from and most have had ground work started and some have been saddled.




LLE Justlikesangria

2015 Red Roan Filly

LLE Shesapeptolevi x Justa Twisted Whiz

CA Sultana

2012 Chesnut Filly

Smokes Lassy Lady x LJSR  Sterling Roan



CA Pip Squeak

2012 Bay Roan Filly

Jo Jos VAlley Queen x LJSR Sterling Roan


LJSR Lady Collins

2013 Dun Filly

4L Lady Jackie x PJs Jessie Bueno

LJSR Biscayne Bay

2013 Bay Filly

LJSR Chianti x PJs Jessie Bueno

CA Champagne

2011 Buckskin Mare

LJSR Scoria Road x Fancy Cut Diamonds

CA One Karat

2012 Bay Roan Filly

Queen Jessamun x LJSR Sterling Roan


CA Echo Canyon

2009 Black Mare

Hayden’s Flossie x Mr. Shine 403