SOLD – Mark M, Iowa

Sonnys Black Rascal Sonnys Certificate Boston Dee Bar Sonny Dee Bar
Boston Jeanie
Molly McGregor Boston Mac
Kari McCue
Diomonds Rascal JD St Raygun Hayden Wano
Diamon Buela
Mistys Diomonds JD LJSR Axel
Dots GB Misty

Rascal was purchased for us by a friend who knew that her sire’s side was breeding from Nada’s home ranch. She came to us in the fall of 2013 open so her first opportunity to foal was 2015. She had a sorrel stud colt for us in 2015 but it was stolen by an open mare and got dehydrated and died. The two foals she’s had have been muscular and should be able to do anything horseback that needs to be done. She is exposed to RC Calcetas for a 2018 foal.


CA Spanky
2017 Bay Roan Filly


CA Big Rascal
2016 Sorrel Stallion