LJSR Sterling Roan 2005 Red Roan Stallion

LJSR Sterling Roan has been a tremendous stallion for us. We are starting to bring his offspring into the broodmare band and we’ve saved a stallion prospect so we feel he’s done his job for us. Therefore, we are choosing to offer him for sale so that another program can benefit from his beautiful offspring.

Sterling was started as a young stallion by the best horse trainer we know. Jason Anderson uses natural horsemanship methods from all the best clinicians around and really tailors the information to each horse. That being said, Sterling has not been ridden much, just so you know. However, he is very easy to handle and is a gentleman to be around. He can generally be caught in the pasture and we run him with other stallions during the winter.

All of the following photos are his offspring. Some remain in our band of mares as replacements but most have been sold through the years.

JSR Sterling Roan Fancy Red Bark Red Cedar Bark Fancy Roan Bar
Jenny Lee Bark
Susie Bell Bar Roan Bar
Frankie Baker
Froelichs McBerry McKeag Joe Quincy
Baby Snooks Bar
Real Cackleberry Real Baron Jack
Cackleberry Bars

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