LJSR Dusty Shine


LJSR Dusty Shine

Red Roan Mare

LJSR Dusty Shine Keen Shine The Shine Shining Spark
Corolla Kay
Kings Keen Star Top Amigo King
Batchs Keen Star
LJSR Amia Fancy Red Bark Red Cedar Bark
Susie Bell Bar
Bay Megan The Flying Saint
Neilie River


  Dusty is the mare that comes to find you in the pasture; always seeking attention. She’s not tall but makes up for it in WIDTH! Beautifully put together and she’s producing some excellent foals. Her 2016 foal, Calze, is growing up with the possibility of being a sire in Idaho; another is a family favorite in MN….this year’s black filly is extraordinary!



CA Blue Dust

2017 Blue Roan Filly by RC Calcetas


CA Calze

2016 Black Stallion by RC Calcetas

SOLD, Idaho

CA Smudge

2015 Red Roan Stallion by LJSR Sterling Roan



CA Sterlings Bunny

2013 Sorrel Filly by LJSR Sterling Roan

SOLD, North Dakota


CA Sterlings Rusty

2012 Red Roan Stallion by LJSR Sterling Roan

SOLD, Minnesota