2017 Foals

     Last year’s crop of colts…..anxiously awaiting 2018’s! We will have our first foals by CA Skye Blue, our second crop by Chex Peppy Doc, a sprinkling of LJSR Sterling Roan and several by RC Calcetas. We continue to tweak our breeding program to find the best crosses conformationally while being diligent about disposition, athleticism and color. 

     It’s been gratifying to recently hear of several horses doing well in various events/sales for others. We’ve heard of a gelding who qualified for the World Series of Team Roping finals in Las Vegas in December of 2016, another moved from a hunter equitation career in New York to a second Barrel Racing career in Washington; a third gelding earned his ROM in Ranch Performance qualifying him for the 2016 World Show and most recently a gelding we raised was the 3rd high seller at the prestigious Diamond-McNabb Sale in Wyoming. CA Smokin Joe sold for $23,000 and found a new home in New York. See our customer page for photos and more information.

     We believe this to be indicative of the quality of horses we’re raising. Conformationally correct, athletic and with trainable dispositions to go to whichever venue you choose.  

     We welcome your calls and questions; we are here to help you find the horse that fits your needs. Please let us know how we can help.

     Most of these foals sold at auction on Saturday, August, 19, 2017 in Bowman, ND at 6:00 p.m. For information about other horses for sale, drop us an email at nadacarter@carteracres.com. 

A catalog link:

2017 Catalog



CA Baron

Bay Roan Stallion

SOLD, McLean M, MN

CA Pippa x Chex Peppy Doc

        Out of our best mare line and by Chex, this colt shows stallion potential and we reserve the right to pull him from the sale or put a base bid on him. He is 5-panel negative.



CA Belarus

Black Stallion

SOLD, Don S, North Dakota

Black Isabella x RC Calcetas

        Isabella has been one of our most consistent producers and she never disappoints. This flashy black colt is unique with one blue eye and will stand out wherever he goes.


CA Kit Kat

Brown Filly

SOLD, Doug & Michele B, Iowa

CA Caramel x RC Calcetas

This filly is an absolute POWERHOUSE! Barrel racers and ropers take notice!



CA Little Joe

Bay Roan Stallion

SOLD, Clinton K, Missouri

JoJos Valley Queen x LJSR Sterling Roan

          Nearly a carbon copy to last year’s high selling foal, this colt has stallion potential written all over him. Joe is 5 panel negative.


CA Chief

Sorrel Stallion

SOLD, Melissa A, Colorado

CA Vixie X RC Calcetas

         Everyone that comes notices this colt! High stocking legs around and put together right, he’ll stand out in every crowd and be a high priced gelding someday! Grandma and Dad are black too; so he could produce some color and chrome if kept a stallion.



CA Blue Dust

Blue Roan Filly

SOLD, Don P, Nebraska

LJSR Dusty Shine x RC Calcetas

     Stunning filly that should have a spectacular disposition like her mother. These kind don’t run in bunches; strongly considered for a replacement filly.

CA Blue Suede

Black Stallion

SOLD, Melissa, Colorado

CA Diamonds Sapphire x RC Calcetas

     A once-in-a-lifetime kind of colt, we are strongly considering keeping for a stallion ourselves so we reserve the right to pull him from the sale or put a base on him. May stay black. Suede is negative for HYPP, Herda, GBED and MH. He carries one copy of the PSSM1 gene.

CA Amiah Chex

Palomino Filly

SOLD, Charlie & Jill A, Minnesota

Fueled up Miah x Chex Peppy Doc

             This pretty palomino filly is sure to capture attention wherever she goes. May not be quite as bloomy as the rest due to her maiden mother and the fact that her mother severely injured a tendon and has been under the weather.


CA Spade

Red Roan Stallion

SOLD, Troy B, North Dakota

LJSR Scoria Road x Chex Peppy Doc

            Stout, fancy roan colt. Performance bred on top, foundation on the bottom and out of the best-dispositioned mare on the place. You’ll not go wrong here! May be stallion material. 


CA Ginny

Red Roan Filly

Replacement Filly unless prime offer made!

LJSR Martini x Chex Peppy Doc

     This mare’s first foal and our first foal by Chex; looks to be a promising future! This filly loves people and will seek you out in the pasture



CA Grey Asher

Grey Stallion

SOLD, Paul F, North Dakota

Buckeye Shine x RC Calcetas

    Cute colt that should make a nice medium sized horse for a youth or lady down the road.


CA Halo

Black Filly – Replacement Filly

Marquee Diamond x LJSR Sterling Roan

   Gorgeous filly that’s a full sister to our 3-year old stallion. Since we have a sale pending for Sterling, she is on the replacement docket.

CA Chex Mix

Brown Stallion

SOLD, Collin H, South Dakota

Shiney Brown Eyes x Chex Peppy Doc

     Team ropers sit up and take notice. Flashy and BIG, this colt should be able to handle anything! Color is anybody’s guess yet!

CA Spanky

Bay Roan Filly

SOLD, Shelby T, Minnesota

Sonny’s Black Rascal x LJSR Sterling Roan

     Late but cute! And she loves people.