Summer is upon us and the 2017 foal crop is on the ground. Throughout the coming months we will be halter breaking and doing the preliminary fundamental training that is so important to the horses’ long term success. We love this time of year even though it’s VERY busy!

     It’s been gratifying to recently hear of several horses doing well in various events/sales for others. We’ve heard of a gelding who qualified for the World Series of Team Roping finals in Las Vegas in December of 2016, another moved from a hunter equitation career in New York to a second Barrel Racing career in Washington; a third gelding earned his ROM in Ranch Performance qualifying him for the 2016 World Show and most recently a gelding we raised was the 3rd high seller at the prestigious Diamond-McNabb Sale in Wyoming. CA Smokin Joe sold for $23,000 and found a new home in New York. See our customer page for photos and more information.

     We believe this to be indicative of the quality of horses we’re raising. Conformationally correct, athletic and with trainable dispositions to go to whichever venue you choose.  

     We welcome your calls and questions; we are here to help you find the horse that fits your needs. Please let us know how we can help.

     Most of these foals will be sold at auction on Saturday, August, 19, 2017 in Bowman, ND at 6:00 p.m. For information about other horses for sale, drop us an email at 

A catalog link will be made available upon completion and photos will be forthcoming.



Bay Roan Stallion

CA Pippa x LJSR Sterling Roan


Black Stallion

Black Isabella x RC Calcetas


Brown Filly

CA Caramel x RC Calcetas



Bay Roan Stallion

JoJos Valley Queen x LJSR Sterling Roan



Sorrel Stallion

CA Vixie X RC Calcetas


Black Filly

LJSR Dusty Shine x RC Calcetas

Blue Roan Stallion

CA Diamonds Sapphire x RC Calcetas

Brown Stallion

Queen Jessamun x Chex Peppy Doc

Palomino Filly

Fueled up Miah x Chex Peppy Doc

Red Roan Stallion

LJSR Scoria Road x Chex Peppy Doc

Red Roan Filly

LJSR Martini x Chex Peppy Doc

Photos coming soon!

Grey Stallion

Buckeye Shine x RC Calcetas


Black Filly

Marquee Diamond x LJSR Sterling Roan

Bay Stallion

Shiney Brown Eyes x Chex Peppy Doc