CA Skye Blue






    Most every breeder’s dream is to produce stock worthy of being used in someone else’s breeding program. If a person raises high quality stock, the mares often find themselves in a breeding program, sometimes after a riding career. Stallion prospects, on the other hand, are harder to come by….at least from our breeder’s perspective. In our minds, a stallion has to have impeccable conformation, a marketable pedigree, athleticism for the arena or ranch and a stellar disposition to top it off. Finding all those qualities in a horse is hard to come by….at least if a person is fussy like we are! We have looked at hundreds of horses over multiple years and found that those “good enough” for a stallion don’t run in bunches.

     Skye was born in 2014 here to a maiden mare. The more we looked at him as he got older, the more we realized he was really special. Pretty headed, clean necked, big hipped, short backed and as square as they come. His sire is the best of foundation ranch horse breeding going back to Tom Baker and Roan Bar; his dam has a performance heritage with Fancy Cut Diamond’s sire being a full brother to Shining Spark! Impeccable conformation, marketable pedigree, athleticism for arena and ranch and he does have a super disposition and a drop dead gorgeous blue roan color. He fit our criteria to the letter! Skye was started under saddle last fall by my mentor, Jason Anderson and he really liked him. That, to us, was high praise from a gentleman who’s started so many! We are anxiously awaiting his first foals this spring and warm weather to get some more riding in!  We are incredibly excited about his future in our breeding program!      




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